Recent Roles

"Linda" in "On The Edge" (TV - Release 2019)

"Receptionist" in "Strangers" (TV - Release 2018)

"Eve's Friend" in "Killing Eve" (TV - Release 2018)

"Private Nurse Min Cho" in "Autopsy - The Last Hours Of..." (TV - Release 2018)


London (UK) | Hong Kong (China) | Los Angeles (USA)


"琳達" 在 "在邊緣" (電視 - 放出 2019)

"接待员" 在 "陌生人" (電視 - 放出 2018)

"晚餐客人" 在 "Killing Eve" (電視 - 放出 2018)

"私人護士Min Cho" 在 "屍檢 - 最後幾個小時..." (電視 - 放出 2018)


British Born Chinese/Japanese Actress, Photographic Model and Gamer.


She trained with the prestigious "National Youth Theatre of Great Britain", "Redroofs Theatre School" in Maidenhead, "The Anna Scher Theatre" and most recently "Identity School of Drama".

Her most notable roles to date include "LingLing Wang" in "Lycamobile's" TV Ad for (TVB/Phoenix/Chinese Channels) and as "Jessica" in (BBC's) Multi Award Winning Factual Programme BBC Horizon - "Artificial Intelligence".


Her other advertisements include GoLocalise, HSBC, Coco Cola, YAMAHA, Microsoft, LOCOG and SanDisk.


英国出生华裔/日裔演员, 主持及平面模特和女遊戲玩家,常驻于英国伦敦。


她受训于显赫的 "英国国家青年剧团", 梅登黑德 "Redroofs 戏剧学校" 和 "安娜·谢尔剧院"。


她迄今为止最为人知晓的角色包括在 "Lycamobile's"电视广告中扮演的"王玲玲" (播放于TVB/凤凰卫视中国频道) 以及在荣获 BBC 诸多奖项的写实节目 BBC Horizon - "人工智能"中扮演的 "Jessica".


她出演的其它广告有: "GoLocalise", "汇丰", "可口可乐", "雅马哈", "微软", "LOCOG" 和 "SanDisk".

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