Trailers (预告片)


All That Remains

"Chokepoint" is an independently produced British TV drama pilot written and directed by SG Smith.

"All That Remains", is a powerful true story of atomic bomb survivor Takashi Nagai, pioneering scientist, Christian convert, and dedicated peace-activist.


Jingju On Sea

Downsizer opens in an ordinary office, as our hero is unexpectedly called in to see the manager to talk about downsizing. Things quickly escalate.

In the Division's Bureau of Rare Earthworks Harry has conjured Jīngjù-on-Sea, a Peking Opera that performs an act of consumerism on a huge scale. Echoing the quantities and trajectories of the existing rare earth mineral supply chain, thousands of tonnes of earth are removed from the central Chinese landscape

 Promos (促销)

Attorneys Without Borders

Attorneys Without Borders is an independent, international organisation dedicated to protecting and advancing fundamental human rights around the world.

Fast 8

When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of terrorism and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.


The story of a face which goes through three generations or more, would make a fine novel or poem of the passage in time.

Make Believe

Makebelieve is still an independent British company striving to continue to develop the ultimate indulgent, sun-free tan that helps you feel good about yourself. The key to their success is their ingredients for beautifully tanned and moisturised skin. After all, a tan just makes us all feel more confident and beautiful both inside and out.

 Behind The Scenes (幕后的电影)

The Feeling

An EPiK Behind the Scenes video featuring Stephen Wicks, the artist and Tai Campbell, Epik's creative Director.


Developing the UK's next generation of cyber professionals through student bursaries, courses and competitions.

An introduction to Part 1 of the ICCA Bar Course.


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