Biography (传记)  

Leila is a British-Born Actress, Photographic Model and Gamer currently based in London, United Kingdom. Although she spent most of her teenage years in the UK, Leila spent her childhood moving between London, Hong Kong and Vancouver. She is fluent in both English and Chinese and enjoys travelling and working internationally.




Her love for acting began to blossom at the age of 7 when she played the role of a "Royal Child" at the "Anna Scher Theatre" for their "The King & I" production, which turned into a true passion at the age of 10 when she played the lead role of "Snow White" in a school play. As a child she trained at the "Anna Scher Theatre" in Islington, London for a number of years where she studied singing, dancing and acting. Funnily enough she only went there to hang out with my friends as an after school activity.




At a very young age she kept herself busy with many extracurricular activities due to her constant travels and being "so bloody energetic". From taking Tae Kwon Do and earning herself a 1st Dan Brown Belt in the process, to taking violin lessons. Despite the focus on pursuing her dream she maintained high academic standards.




At the age of 16 Leila took her GSCE in Drama, gaining an A* for her portrayal of a young refugee trying to escape her hard past and evil father. She also took her AS-Level in Drama before she began her formal acting training at "Redroofs Theatre School" in Maidenhead, where she studied all elements of the performing arts. She also trained and is a member of the prestigious "National Youth Theatre of Great Britain".


十六岁时,她选修了GSCE戏剧,扮演了一位年轻的难民并试图逃脱可怕的过去和邪恶的父亲。这个表演让她获得了A*的成绩。在她进入梅登黑德“Redroofs戏剧学校”正式表演培训前,她已在AS- Level时选修了戏剧掌握了所有艺术表演的元素。她同样是著名的“英国国家青年剧团"成员并受训于此。


Leila has continuously work professionally and appeared in a variety of TV and film productions including BBC drama "Eastenders", Vertigo Heights "Random 11", and the latest Universal Studios 3D feature "47 Ronin" as well as various shorts and other feature length films.


她不断发展专业性的工作,并出现在各种电视及电影制作中,包括 BBC 戏剧 "Eastenders", Vertigo Heights "Random 11", 和最新的环球影城 3D 电影 "47 Ronin" 以及各种短片和其它的长篇电影中。