Height: 5'2" (157cm)

Build: Petite

Playing Age: 18 - 28 Years

Languages: English / Cantonese

Appearance: East Asian / Chinese / Japanese

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Film (电影)

Dan (Lead)

Kim (Principal)

Princess Mei Mei (Featured)

Jing (Featured)

Kim (Cast)                            

Mother (Lead)                     

Ai Qin (Lead)                        

Friend (Featured Artist)     

Nurse Hashimoto (Cast)    

Crowd Girl (Cast)         

Mika's Handmaiden (Featured)

Diner (Featured Artist)       

Xiaoyi (Principal)                 

Girl (Featured Artist)          

Gina (Lead)                          

Dream Girl (Lead)               

Waitress (Cast)                    

Katherine (Principal)          

Yuki (Featured Artist)         

Asian Student (Cast)           

Jade (Cast)                            

Anna (Principal)                   

Susan (Lead)                         

Annabelle (Principal)          


The 4th Day


Top Dog


Behind Closed Doors          


The Transformation     

All That Remains          

Dr Easy

47 Ronin                          

Keith Lemon - The Film


51 Degrees


The Cube


Seven Deadly Sins

Random 11


The Mill

What Makes It Stick?

Trouble Translation

A Forbidden Love Story

Kay Works

Zeuxis Films

Walt Disney

Richwater Films

Rubber Duck Films                


Crazy Horse Productions    

Starfront Pictures Ltd          

Major Oaks Entertainment  

Warp Films

Bluegrass Films                           

Generator Entertainment   


Films United                         

Brown Deadline Films         

Scribbled Productions        

Real Fur Films                        


Vertigo Heights Film           

Rising Sun Productions     




Met Films Production        

Harry Kay

Trevor Merrell

Kenneth Branagh

Martin Kemp

Joe Pavlo

Joe Chen

Mark Dutton

Johnny Kevorkian

Ian & Dominic Higgins


Carl Rinsch

Paul Angunawela

Jaclin Chung

Greg Richters

Edward Harber

Peter West

John Jenkinson

Phil Eastabrook

Tony Sebastian Ukpo

Daniel Jerome Gill

Rupert Such

Phil Eastabrook

Phil Eastabrook

Rifat Ali

Television (电视)

Linda (Principal)

Receptionists (Peel & Travers)

Eve's Friend (Featured)

Private Nurse Min Cho (Principal)

Edwardo’s Girlfriend (Supporting)

Melanie Low (Guest)

Sara (Supporting)

Yonderlander (Featured)

Midnight Staff 1# (Featured)

Ms Wong (Featured Artist)

Jia (Guest)

Co-Presenter (Lead)

Vanessa (Featured Artist)

Illegal Chinese Immigrant (Featured)

Whisper (Principal)

Jessica (Featured Artist)

Stu's Assistant (Featured Artist)

Party Girl (Cast)

Patient (Guest Lead)

On The Edge (Season 2)

Strangers (White Dragon)

Killing Eve (Season 1)

Autopsy - "Last Hours Of Andy Warhol"

The Real Story - "EP's The Social Network"

Speed Of Life (TVB Drama)

Space Ark (Sitcom Pilot)

Yonderland (Season 2)

One Child

50 Ways To Kill Your Lover

Gym Life (Sitcom Pilot)

Cooking The Past (Cooking Show Pilot)

Johnny (Sitcom Pilot)


Chokepoint (Thriller Pilot)

BBC Horizon - "Artificial Intelligence"

Rick and Peter (Comedy Pilot)

Skins (Season 3)

Holby City (Season 14)

Blackstar TV / Channel 4

ITV / Amazon TV

BBC America


World Media Rights

Contra Service Productions

Hat Trick Productions


BBC / Sundance TV

Thumbs Up Productions

Fun With Films

Discovery Channel Asia

Grime Daily Productions

Acme Tv / Channel 4

Article 9


Eleven Films

Company Pictures


William Stefan Smith

Paul Andrew Williams

Jon East

Rod Edwards

Chris Roberts

Andy Chan

James De Frond

Steve Connelly

John Alexander

Jeremy Freeston

Jonny Spurling

Richard Boardman

Kwame Augustine

Charles Martin

Simon Smith

Helen Sage

Kate Rudkins

Seth Adams

Matt Carter

Commercial (广告)

Younger Spicy Eater (Principal)

Elevator Girl (Cast)

Engineer (Cast)

Gamer (Principal)

Female MBA Student (Lead)

Hero Girl (Lead)

Hero Girl (Lead)

Asian 1# (Principal)

Asian Student (Lead)

Student C (Principal)

Asian Girl (Principal)

China Fan (Principal)

Chinese Girl (Principal)

Female Elf (Principal)

Odeon Customer (Principal)

Hero Hitchhiker Thumb (Lead)

Woman (Principal)

Barista (Principal)

Cathy (Principal)

SPE Wife (Principal)

Tester (Principal)

Graduation Girl (Cast)

Young Filmmaker (Principal)

Business Woman (Lead)

Korean Girl (Cast)

Asian Student (Featured)

Female Driver (Principal)

Layla (Principal)

Jenny (Principal)

Pregnant Girl (Principal)

Japanese Tourist (Principal)

Christmas Guest (Featured)

Sister (Principal)

Japanese Girl (Featured)

Student (Cast)

Spectator (Cast)

Teenage Girl (Cast)

Partygoer (Featured)

Waitress (Cast)

Jury Girl (Featured)

Stage Ballerina (Cast)

Onlooker Customer Girl (Cast)

Pale Girl (Cast)

Chinese Gamer Customer (Cast)

Alice's Best Friend (Principal)

Lingling Wang (Principal)

Chinese Daughter (Featured Artist)

Herself (Featured Artist)

Commuter (Featured Artist)

M - "McSpicy"

A - "C Podcast"

Verizon - "A Future Without Bias"

EE - "Plan Envy"

CJBS - "Cambridge Judge Is Ready"

Kronenbourg - "Breaking The Rules"

Cornetto - "First Love"

Sensodyne - "Bleeding Gums & Sensitivity"

Kaplan - "Who We Are"

HSBC - "Sounds Of Home"

VisitBritain - "Afternoon Tea"

VNL - "We Keep Going, You Keep Up!"

Tech21 - "Chinese Drop"

Greggs - "Wrapped Up"

Odeon - "Newsreel"

Vodaphone - "Thumbs Up"

Unconscious Bias - "Drama Recon"

Galderma - "Americano"

WorldLabs - "Balloons"

WestJets - "787 Dreamliner"

Onerion - "Digital Courses"

BPas - "Anniversary"

BFI - "Back The Future"

Cisco - "Futuristic Real Time"

FIFA 18 El Tornado - "More Than A Game"

UNICEF - "Generation"

Fast & Furious 8 - "Just Drive"​

Interhigh  - "GCSE"

Pfizer Healthcare - "JAK VR"

Jeep Grand Cherokee - "Better Choices"

Alan Carr’s New Years Eve Specstacular

Asda - "Smile This Christmas"

ID Bus - "Take The Bus"

Toto Lottery - "Soccer" (Japan)

SSE Energy - "Up and out"

Manchester Football - "Fan Times"

Harry Potter - "The Wizarding World"

LUX Shampoo - "Red Carpet"

Lucky Boat - "No.3" (Chinese Channels)

Dizzee Rascal - "I Plead The Fifth" (TVC)

Samsung - "Launching People"

McDonald's - "Iced Up"

Make Believe - "Tan Your Moves"

HSBC - "App Tycoon"

Open Cola - "Coca Cola"

Lycamobile (Chinese Channels/TVB)

HSBC - "Chinese New Year"

SanDisk - "Memory Bank"

Microsoft Bing - "Building The Future"

Unit 9

Academy Films



Axonn Media




Digital Media Services UK Ltd


Jealous Films

Locate Productions

Irresistible Films

St Marks Studios

The Hook


TouchCast Studios

X Films

World Alliance Laboratories

Spectrecom Films

Latitude Agency

Shape History

Little Big Fish Films

Sprat TV

Adam & Eve DDB

Cakesnake Film Ltd




Hungry Man Productions

Open Mike Productions



Geek Pictures

Academy Films


Rosso Media Ltd

MOFILM/Mandrake Media

Beaucoup Films

JJ Stereo Limited

Pulse Films


Bare Films

Sonny London

Blank Empire Productions

Flame Visuals

Outsider Productions



New Diorama Theatre

The Nevello Theatre

The Lost Theatre

Hackney Empire

Hackney Empire

Hackney Empire

Hackney Empire

Anna Scher Theatre

Anna Scher Theatre

Au Xun (Community Cast)

Chrissie (Principal)

Yoshie (Lead)

Sister (Cast)

Snow White (Lead)

Glinda (Principal)

Esmeralda (Lead)

Royal Children (Cast)

Chorus Singer (Cast)

Ng Choon Ping

Paul Prescott

Natalie Fellowes

Lauren Quinn

Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer Roberts

Andrew Harries

Andrew Harries

Golden Child

Wanted Dead Or Alive

The Crossroads

The Little Mermaid

Snow White

The Wizard of Oz

Notre Dame

The King & I

Christmas Tales

Simon Neal

Henry Scholfield

Susanne Bier

Daniel Kleinman

Tom Evans

Aidan Gibbons

Jack Laurance

Kell Mitchell

John Somerville

Indy Selvarajah

Chris Fowles

Shamil Tanna

Camilla Zupi

Peter Ford

Billy Taylor

Rick & Mario

Anke Lueddecke

Nathan L Horrocks

Patrick Brooks

Dan Jobson

Samira Musa

Lauren Kay Lambert

Nic Cornwall

Dan Gable

David Mackersey

Duncan Cowles

Sophia Ramcharan

Mark Lunt

David Smith

Jim Hosking

Tom Forbes

Georgi Banks

Kadeem Henry

Tatsu Ozaki

Frédéric Planchon

Marcus Jones

Patrick Veale

Will Kenning

Jackson Pat

James Russell


Jim Gilchrist

Joseph Bullman

Steve Rogers

Sarah Brick

Sudipto Sarkar

Dom & Nic

Kent Perry

Chris Maples


Anna Scher Theatre School - Junior Classes

ALRA Yellow Academy - Summer Course and Showcases

National Youth Theatre of Great Britain - Summer Course and Membership

Redroofs Theatre School - 2 Years Stage and Screen Acting with Musical Theatre

R.C Annie Stage Combat - BADC Level 3 (Weapons and Unarmed)

LA Master Classes - Amy Lyndon, Charles Haid, Crystal Carson & Lesly Kahn

Identity School of Acting - Afternoon Classes and Showcases

King's College University of London - Computer Science BSc

Oxford University - Computer Science MSc

Tech21 - Palace 10s.mp4.00_00_02_20.Stil
Walkthrough of Cambridge Judge Business

Theatre (剧院)

Training & Workshops (训练)