On The Edge: BBW

Autopsy: Last Hour Of Andy Warhol

Remi is a young, plus-size woman trying to find her place in the world while everyone around her thinks they know best. Will she ever be able to take back control?

Andy Warhol died under mysterious circumstances. His friends talk about how much he took care of himself, but admit he had a problem with drugs, but did any of that lead to his death?

Cooking The Past

Strangers / White Dragon

Join us as we take you through the blossoming beauty of Asian Cruisine to truly discover its flavours, its cultures, and its history. Brought through the tourist districts of Chinatown, we inhabit the lives of real Asians and experience their cultures, traditions, and secrets.

Jonah Mulray lives an ordinary life as a professor until he is told that his wife has been murdered, and as a consequence he begins to uncover a wider conspiracy upon looking into her death.

Rick & Peter

Rick Edwards and Peter Mitchell make an odd couple - thrown together after Rick makes a regrettable gag on T4 and is put on a crash course in how to be more politically correct.

Killing Eve

When Villanelle kills a Chinese colonel at a kink clinic in Berlin, Eve and Bill travel to investigate; while Eve and Bill chase up a number of promising leads, Villanelle enjoys the cat-and-mouse of their proximity.


BBC Horizon: Artificial Intelligence

Cultures collide in the treacherous world of industrial espionage. A burnt-out old school spy attempts to turn a bunch of reluctant young cyber truants into an effective counter intelligence unit, while thwarting sinister forces determined to settle old scores.

Marcus Du Sautoy wants to find out how close we are to creating machines that can think like us: robots or computers that have artificial intelligence.

50 Ways To Kill Your Lover


Tells the story of real cases, from the UK and US, where couples’ disagreements have ended in bloodshed. Over each one hour episode, several gruesome deaths are told in gripping detail through expert analysis and reconstruction.

A murder at the Meadowlands Festival calls for the (not-so-genius) mind of Yonderland's finest (or, rather, only) detective.


Tina takes matters into her own hands, and there is more trouble in store for the Carters.


A series of four fast-paced narratives, Run is a compelling and surprising portrayal of modern British life and the unseen dramas which play out all around us.